Editor's Note

by Hayley Hoverter and Caroline Berens | 1/28/16 9:06pm


Greetings, Mirror readers. Congratulations on being (nearly) 1/12 done with 2016! (As Hayley writes this, ever-superstitious Caroline yells, “Knock on wood!” and loudly bangs her fist on a nearby table, causing other editors to look up in alarm. Hayley internally rolls her eyes at her younger co-editor’s childish antics.)

Week four hit Hayley and Caroline hard as their typically relaxed schedules with ample free time (just kidding) became consumed with midterm exams and papers. Their usually very professional texts to one another included many more words in all caps, mispelled words, exclamation marks and question marks than usual. Interestingly, only about half of their texts even had to do with the Mirror — the others were random complaints or comments, followed by supportive responses, as they tried to prevent one another’s descent into mania.

Caroline and Hayley discussed how they begin to question their lifestyles around this time of term. Why does Caroline drink so much coffee and go to bed at 4 a.m. every night? Why does Hayley only eat breakfast once a term?

These unorthodox — even unhealthy ­— schedules certainly don’t seem viable, as Caroline’s mom reminded her after receiving a text from her library-bound daughter at 3:39 a.m. on a Tuesday morning that said, “vood night, kove you too.” And yet, we plug through the all-nighters, attempting to compensate for our depleted resources with coffee and power naps. Some might call this kind of schedule typical at Dartmouth, even manageable. Others might venture to call it “unsustainable.”

This week, we explore just that: sustainability, or a lack thereof. Writers explore everything from crunchy fashion, to an environmental science professor’s dedication to promoting sustainability, to the varied meanings of the word itself. Enjoy!