Editor's Note

by Hayley Hoverter and Caroline Berens | 1/21/16 8:36pm

Greetings, Mirror readers. Thanks for taking the time to read the tangential musings that comprise these editor’s notes. Caroline and Hayley are impressed that their vehement views on social media and lack of New Year’s Resolutions haven’t scared you off yet.

This week, the two editors decided it was time to get a meal together, despite the long hours they’ve already spent bonding in the hallowed halls of Robo. They sat down with their plates of mediocre food at Foco, and before they knew it, they were divulging their deepest, darkest secrets to one another.

Although the editors had promised to keep their conversation Mirror-free, they didn’t quite succeed. They didn’t discuss any of the upcoming articles, or Caroline’s total incompetence with InDesign layout, or Hayley’s distaste for the word “mindset.” But in detailing their life stories to each other, they inevitably touched upon the theme of this week’s issue — memory.

Caroline recalled how on the morning of her third day of eighth grade, a boy threw up on her during the busride to school, prompting her to run through the halls of her high school to the nurse’s office while wearing a vomit-stained white dress, utterly traumatized. Hayley admitted that she had thrown up at her first rager — in first grade she went to a costume party after eating the last Hot Pocket of her life. (Her social life has never really been the same since).

Some memories, like these, are not-so-good. Others, like Caroline and Hayley’s meal together, are great. But such a complex and multi-faceted topic like memory cannot be described in simple, binary terms. This issue explores just that — memory through multiple lenses, whether that be a philanthropic program for Alzheimer’s patients or anecdotes from the first classes of women at the College. Enjoy the issue!