Never Have I Ever: The Mirror Asks Students about Taboo Topics

| 11/5/15 6:59pm

What are the most taboo topics at Dartmouth?

Drug/alcohol use.

Mental illness.

Socioeconomic status.




Greek life being bad; some aspects of Greek life like AD; transferring or wanting to transfer; being an introvert.

Drug abuse for test performance (aka snorting Adderall).

Sexual fetishes.


Having any non-moderate political or religious beliefs.

Sexual assault.


Masturbation (among girls).

Alternative sexual lifestyles and preferences, including kink and BDSM.

Maybe white cisgendered males aren’t out to get everybody and are people like everyone else.

There are inherent and measurable differences — both physically and mentally — between the abilities of males and females.

Anything that can be perceived as negative toward activist groups (especially the LGBT or racial ones).

Discrimination or inequality.

Depends who you’re talking to. If it’s a person who’s affiliated, it’s how alienating and depressing the Greek system can be to non-affiliated people. That’s just one that comes to mind.

Cheating in relationships.

Tripcest on Trips.



I know we’re making an effort to open up about it more, but I still feel like class issues and socioeconomic matters are taboo.

Anything that might offend anybody.

Being unaffiliated.

I’d say not liking Dartmouth, honestly.


It’s very taboo to not “be okay.” Also to not be involved in things constantly.

Money, student loans.


The outside world.




Religious beliefs.

Financial aid and affirmative action.

A lot of things seem pretty taboo here.

Nights in (as opposed to nights out drinking).

Casual sex among girls.

Sexual assault and alcohol abuse.

Race disparity of performance.

What schools you got into other than Dartmouth (trivial but pretty unanimous), socioeconomic status, personal mental health issues and disabilities (these are becoming less taboo now).

Incest, dissing #BlackLivesMatter, supporting Phil Hanlon.

Sleeping around and sexuality. I saw a girl take off her top at a frat last weekend. She wasn’t wearing a bra so she was just full on tits out. I saw a lot of people whispering about her.

I think socioeconomic status is both taboo and not taboo. People hint at it all the time, and yet it’s skirted often as a topic, particularly when someone comes from a lower SES. I feel like love, interestingly, is also a taboo topic at Dartmouth. I have friends in committed relationships that are very nervous to disclose how crazy they are about their partner because they’re worried they will be judged. Mental health is also relatively taboo. I know many people afraid or ashamed to admit they are struggling.

The fact that we’ve become a part of today’s victimization-culture is unbelievably taboo. We’ve decided to stop differentiating between something that’s a little offensive and something that’s truly racist/sexist/homophobic/etc. just because it’s easier to do than sit there and think through what we hear. We don’t put thought into processing what we hear anymore, and instead, we find a way to call it an “ism” (racism/sexism/etc.) in order to make us look cultured and educated and like champions of those issues. Rather than heroic, I think we end up looking immature and ignorant/intolerant of other people’s views, and in my opinion, lazy. Mentioning any of this to anyone is guaranteed to start a fight.

Columbus Day is very taboo here.

Religious beliefs — not necessarily that you are one religion or another but what you actually believe.

Coedine and Adderall.

Socioeconomic status, mental health and LGBTQIA+ issues.

Sex (intimate details), hypocritical relationship between beliefs (political, religious, moral, etc.) and action (relationships, jobs).

Breaking the honor code.

Admitting to NOT drinking and partying and hooking up all the time.

Any conservative social beliefs.

Economic status and pedigree, especially in the context of race. Race by itself can be casually discussed in the right circles.

People’s past hookups.

Slut shaming.

Saying something culturally insensitive.

I would say NOT doing something taboo is actually a taboo topic at Dartmouth.

Everyone is way to worried about political correctness that no real debates can happen.

Body image.

White privilege.

Cigarette smoking — seems to be judged most.

Anything kinky or anything politically incorrect or disagreeing with/questioning a minority.

Details of someone’s personal mental health issues, rather than the issue as a whole. Also, actual instances of suicide.

What is something you’ve done that you wouldn’t want your parents to know?

I’m not a virgin.

Smoked pot.

Had sex in public.

Streaked the Green.

Completed three of the Dartmouth Seven.

Smoked weed.

The Ledyard Challenge — with someone of the opposite sex :O

My eating habits.

Got a tattoo.

Dartmouth Seven.


I literally cannot think of anything that I haven’t told my mother or that she does not know by inference.

That I drink as much as I do.

Taken medication for my depression.

If I didn’t want them to know then I certainly wouldn’t tell a publication.

I had to buy Plan B.

Been in a very taboo BDSM relationship.

Pretty much anything that I do ever.

Probably sleeping over at my boyfriends place ... a lot. They’re conservative about sex and stuff.

Getting caught doing the Ledyard Challenge.

Had sex with someone I had matched with that night on Tinder.

Got super drunk and booted all over a patio while abroad.

Made out with a girl.

Written a paper on the day it was due or gone places alone at night with only people I didn’t know very well at the time.


The number of people I’ve had sex with.

Acid. And cocaine. And Molly. Oops.

Lied to them.

I wouldn’t want my parents to know how many people I’ve been with.

Sent nudes.

Had sex on the roof of a frat while high on coke.

Had sex with several people.


Nothing — parents know everything.

Nothing really, they know most things, sexual interests maybe.

Had sex with a guy.

Had sex without birth control.

I watch lots of TV shows (my parents don’t watch TV).

This summer I did acid and hooked up with my second cousin (at different times).

Thrown up from drinking.

Kissed a stranger in a frat basement.

On my study abroad I woke up in the hospital. Twice.

Hooked up with someone I barely knew.

Watched porn.

Started therapy and medication.

Spent significant amounts of time doing drifts and burnouts in parking lots.

Skipped classes because I was too tired to get out of bed.

Booted in Collis.

A lot. But probably the worst was getting high and having sex with a 30-year-old guy who had a fiancée while him and his friends were on their bachelor party trip.

I hooked up with three different guys in a three-day span. I booted in the AXA kitchen trash.

Smoked weed in my underwear and nothing else because I wanted to pretend I was Walter White.

Streaked three finals in the same day.

Got a tattoo.

Had a one night stand.

Snuck a boy into my house.

That I’ve been sexually assaulted.

I got caught have sex in the stacks.

Eh, eventually I’m sure I wouldn’t care. But now? Cheat and mushrooms.

Skype Sex.

Cheated on a partner.

I got caught by undercover cops using my fake ID but they let us go.

I lost my virginity to an ’18 when I was a prospie.

I have had sex with two different people within a four-hour time span.

The amount I don’t sleep.

Had sex my first time without a condom.

That I’m a smoker.

Going backpacking alone.

I got so drunk that I threw up. Once. #neveragain

I had sex with my boyfriend in their car and in the house while they were home. I have consumed so much alcohol in college. I had a pregnancy scare once. I had sex with someone who wasn’t my long-term boyfriend.

I was sexually assaulted in eighth grade by my “boyfriend.”

That I’ve hooked up. They’ve super conservative.

Black out weekly (or more).

Too many to list.

I had unprotected sex.

I had my first threesome freshman winterim with two other Dartmouth students while the rest of my family was asleep upstairs.

Threesome on a pong table :)

What is something you wouldn’t disclose to your closest friends?

I want an orgy with them.

I cheated on my boyfriend with a woman.

I have masturbated and had sex in the same common room.

My issues with anxiety and depression and sometimes suicidal thoughts.

They know everything.

Sexual proclivities.

Had a foursome during senior week.

I identify as bisexual.

I kissed someone else the day before I broke up with my high school boyfriend for college.

I had sex with an underclassman whose name I don’t remember.

Some of my sexual turn-ons regarding kink.

The enormity of my self-worth issues.

Details about my sex life?

I masturbate to the thoughts of my straight guy friends having sex with girls. I think I have a voyeur fetish. I blame porn.

I act like I pray a lot more often than I actually do, even though other parts of my religious life are really important to me and I’m good at maintaining them.

I hate Dartmouth more each day.

I’ve never told anyone about when I was sexually assaulted freshman year.

A lot of the time people tell me I look like I’m in great shape, but that’s partially due to my eating disorder.

I like butt stuff, but I’m straight.

Get a few drinks in me and there isn’t a thing.

Family affairs.

I’m into some pretty perverted things.

Any personal insecurity.

Hygiene habits.

How often I bathe.

I’ve failed a class at Dartmouth.

Into tall girls.

I believe in race difference in ability based on more than societal restrictions.

Over freshman spring, I bought a rope off the internet with the intention of hanging myself.

Nothing. I tell them everything without fail.

My GPA is below 3.5.

Had anal sex in a public place.

I voted for Romney in 2012. It was a mistake. I was confused, and I thought I was a republican. Now I know I’m a flaming liberal. Only two people in the whole world know.

I think I may actually be heartless. I don’t try to be, but I think I fake most emotions of love.

I find a lot of my close friends super trying, and can only handle them in small doses.

Nothing, because my closest friends (of which I have three), are like my brothers. I tell them absolutely everything, and our relationship is stronger for it.

Several past crushes.

History of mental health issues.

Details about my experience with PTSD.

Having sex with a less than average looking girl :-(

My computer password.

I’m into BDSM.

Embarrassing sex stories.

Pretty much nothing, I tell my friends everything.

I’m completely in love with my best guy friend and I know he doesn’t love me back.

Some beliefs/things I said when I was in middle school (racist things).

My opinions on reality.

My quite lustful nature when I’m not on campus.

When I was in 7-9th grade I participated in online chat rooms a lot and would send nudes or have Skype sex with just about anyone.

I have had sex with five different people.

Complications within my family.

The things I worry about. The things I don’t have answers for.

I’m afraid of intimacy.

At home I’d tell my best friend everything at Dartmouth I have kept a lot a secret.

Describing my lowest points at Dartmouth.

The thoughts on my mind.

I’ve had suicidal thoughts before. Sometimes I think I’m a whore.

Been raped.

Personal family matters.

They’ve heard it all.


I don’t do it, but I still visualize harming myself.

I’ve smelt another guys’ underwear before.