Editors' Note

by Maddie Brown and Maggie Shields | 11/12/15 7:35pm

On March 29, 2013, The Mirror published Maggie and Maddie’s first joint article, “Sharing Like Wildfire.” They were pumped. When they saw the article, however, they barely recognized it. Maddie highlighted the parts of the article that Maddie and Maggie had actually turned in, and all that was yellow were some statistics and direct quotes. To quote the article, “During spring break, the selection of a new Pope was simplified down for worldwide consumption to a succinct #whitesmoke.” Maddie and Maggie were “v” confused. They had absolutely no clue what this meant (was the pope caught smoking??) and had to google it to seem half as witty as the article made them out to be.

Needless to say, Maddie and Maggie needed to practice their journalism skills. For their next article, they covered the mystical thesis. As freshman, they knew absolutely nothing about thesis writing, so they only interviewed their freshman friends, who said things like, “Are theses graded? That’s really depressing,” and “I wouldn’t do that.” Their editors were less than amused at the lack of diversity of their sources.

On their riveting article about the 1902 Room (please read it, there are actually so many scandals #firecode #mysteriousphone), Maggie and Maddie were so excited to receive their first online comment. Unfortunately, it was from a ’68 who said they were factually incorrect in their assumption about the room’s nickname back in the day.

Since then, throughout their time at The Mirror, Maddie and Maggie covered a smorgasbord of topics from dating to hooking-up to the Dartmouth Seven. This issue of The Mirror also covers a smorgasbord of topics. Our writers explore rainy day fashion, the SWUG phenomenon and caffeine addiction. Bon appétit (for the last time)!

—Ol Mads and Lil Mags

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