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April 14, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editors' Note

During Maddie and Maggie’s freshman year, they quickly formed a little crush on a senior boy. Because of his very distinct (read: beautiful) spectacles, they nicknamed him “Glasses Kid.” He just looked so hip, so studious, so worldly. He probably read Sartre (in French) by day and played classical Spanish music on his guitar by night. He was our real life Jim Sturgess from “21” (2008) — the quintessential Ivy League badass. They hoped that one day he would notice them. He never did.

With a network of about five girls, Maddie and Maggie became savvy to Glasses Kid’s whereabouts as they got notifications via snapchat and group messages with each spotting. Glasses Kid walking his fraternity’s dog on the Green? Maddie and Maggie would know. Glasses Kid sneezes particularly loud in the 1902 room? Maddie and Maggie got a snap of the back of his head.

But why would Maddie and Maggie reveal such embarrassing (and creepy) details of their freshman lives? Because 1) It was very public knowledge that they had a crush on Glasses Kid and 2) this is the taboo issue, and they didn’t want to share anything that was actually taboo (Hi Mom!).

Luckily, the writers this week weren’t so reluctant to ask the nitty-gritty. This week The Mirror tackles loneliness and students’ homesickness on campus and the various traditions of nudity around the Ivy League. Also in a survey, we asked the students to reveal their most taboo moments.

Bon Appetit!

—Ol Mads and Lil Mags