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February 20, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Mirror Asks

Combine your Favorite parts of every DDS location into one mega-dining hall and describe:

“FoHoNoCo Cafe would only cost one meal swipe and would basically be like FoCo except with Collis stir-fry and pasta all the time (Steve included) and you could take anything with you when you leave. There would also be bagels, smoothies and an espresso machine.” — Leina McDermott ’19

“I would take FoCo’s salad bar, Collis’s stir-fry and omelette stations, the Hop’s refrigerators and Novack’s sandwiches and snacks on the counter.” — Sarah Kovan ’19

“FoCo all-you-can-eat meets Late Night Collis at the convenience of the Hop, which is literally a minute away from my dorm.” — Karen Hsueh ’19

“Only serves stir-fry (Collis) and quesadillas (Hop), all unlimited (FoCo) and I get to yell at everyone whenever I want for no reason (Novack).” — Sam Forstner ’18

“Focollop — they make everything for you but magically there is never any line, a salad station where they make eggs/chicken right there and toss the salad for you, stir-fry station like in Collis, a station with the hummus and sweet potatoes from FoCo because that stuff is my jam. The hop would be represented by a small stand making taco salads and tuna melts, and then there would be a huge fridge full of only raspberry Greek yogurt because that is obvi the best flavor.” — Julianna Docking ’18

“The mega hall would include FoCo’s cookie stand, Collis’s smoothie bar, Late Night Collis’s mozz sticks, Novack’s General Tso’s fried rice and the Hop’s quesadilla-maker employees.” — Karen Cao ’19

“Bread pudding (R.I.P) and pasta from Collis, salad bar and chicken tender quesos from the Hop, cookies from Novack, drinks and pumpkin whoopie pies from KAF and frozen yogurt, cheesy bread and cantaloupe from FoCo.” — Lindsay Keare ’16

“Somewhere the size of Foco with the ambiance of Collis that has the Hop’s snacks and coffee selection, Collis’s salad bar and pasta, stir-fry, and omelette stations, KAF’s pastries and sandwiches and Foco’s soups and worldview burrito bar. Souleymane and Collis Steve would work here, and it would be located where Collis is now. It would also have Novack’s speedy service.” — Caroline Berens ’18

What Celebrity Would be the Ideal Pong Partner?

“Beyoncé because any situation involving Beyoncé would be ideal. Also she’s probably really good at pong.” — Leina McDermott ’19

“Mindy Kaling! I love her and she went to Dartmouth.” — Sarah Kovan ’19

“Chris Pine. My opponents, male or female, would be distracted by his beauty.” — Karen Hsueh ’19

“Roger Federer.” — Sam Forstner ’18

“Corbin Bleu from ‘High School Musical.’ I don’t know why... I just feel like he’s super agile judging from his dancing in the three movies as well as his ability to jump rope in the smash hit, ‘Jump In!’” — Julianna Docking ’18

“I firmly believe that Jonah Hill is the most ideal celebrity partner for pong because the whole world knows he is going to channel his inner Jordan Belfort and win at everything in life.” — Karen Cao ’19

“I want to say one of the Hemsworth brothers because they have big wingspans and are easy on the eyes, too. No one would EVER dare to kick Thor or Gale off table, even if we sucked.” — Lindsay Keare ’16

“Softball question — I’d bring Tyra Banks. Not because I think we’ll win, but I have this image of being nearly golden-treed and she looks at our opponents and says, very dramatically, ‘I only have one cup on the table.’ After we eventually lose, she turns to me and yells, ‘I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you!’” — Luke McCann ’16, executive editor

“Andy Roddick, because he’s very attractive, seems nice and would also likely be good at pong. (I have a suspicion that pong skills are directly related to tennis skills.)” —Caroline Berens ’18

Ideal BarHop Theme? Describe.

“My ideal BarHop theme would be the 1970s. They’d have fondue and good ’70s music in one room and a disco in another. People would wear ’70s themed flair.” — Sarah Kovan ’19

“Throwback music ft. FoCo cookies.” — Karen Hsueh ’19

“Canada night — everyone is overly nice and apologetic, the room is flooded for curling and you can drink at 19.” — Sam Forstner ’18

“Not quite sure how themes at BarHop work but I want to say ‘Friends’ themed... people can dress up like Jennifer Aniston, with “Friends” trivia while the show played on a huge screen the whole time.” — Julianna Docking ’18

“Seven Deadly Sins. Different rooms/areas of BarHop could have different themed activities according to each sin. For example, Vice = casino night, Gluttony = carb-heavy snacks, Lust = ….” — Karen Cao ’19

“I was recently told that the people in charge of BarHop take their themes very seriously, so I feel like they would shut down all my ideas.” — Lindsay Keare ’16

“Postmodernism. There are no drinks, no costumes, no anything. There’s not even a party. It’s all very meta.” — Luke McCann ’16, executive editor

“Wild West, where people wear flannel shirts, cowboy hats and boots and there’s a mechanical bull. And whatever kind of dancing they do — contra-dancing?” — Caroline Berens ’18