Editors' Note

by Maddie Brown and Maggie Shields | 10/29/15 7:05pm

’Twas the night before Halloween, when all through the dorm

Many creatures were stirring for that was the norm.

Sophomore Maddie and Maggie all dressed to the nines,

Wore silver and neon — damn, they looked fine.

With four other friends, they decided to dress,

Like four different elements — from the periodic table, no less.

Silver and gold, neon and copper;

They would look so fine as they party-hopper.

When all of the sudden, Maddie pulled out a mask,

She was going to be a zombie who carried a flask.

The group of elements all went different places,

And throughout the night, they put on different faces.

Now let us give you some old-lady advice,

Don’t wear group costumes, they never end nice.

PB without J and Phil without Gail,

Just makes you a loser, when all your friends bail.

So happy Halloween to all and to all a good night,

But first read The Mirror, we’ll give you a fright.

From ghosts of Panarchy to ghosts tours — so neat!

You should read every word, Bon Appetit!

— Old Mads and Lil Mags