Editor's Note

by Maddie Brown and Maggie Shields | 10/15/15 7:02pm

Sophomore fall, Maddie and Maggie, along with four other women, lived in North Fay 401 a.k.a. the Sextet a.k.a. the Sexytet (worst nickname ever — Maddie REALLY hates this name but was also the one who coined it). One of their roommates — we’ll call her Party Patricia — had quite the little hobby. She loved decorating the room. One night, Maddie and Maggie came home to find a new futon in their common room. What a wonderful surprise! Now they would have a sitting area for guests! Two weeks later, they found the most exquisite 3’ by 5’ painting of a few gentlemen toasting around a table.

Small knick-knacks continued to mysteriously appear in their room throughout the term — a “Hook-Up Responsibly” poster, a red leather rotating desk chair (perfect for spinning!), a framed picture of two twenty-somethings standing awkwardly next to a penguin mascot and several other trinkets.

Later in the term, Maddie and Maggie were hanging out in the common room working on an article for The Mirror when Patricia barged in to the room, grabbed the equisite painting off the wall, sprinted into her room and threw the painting under the bed. Maddie and Maggie were “v” confused. Patricia explained that each of the items that she acquired had disappeared from various fraternities on campus and mysteriously reappeared in our room. When she was expecting a visitor from the fraternity with the missing painting, she realized she had to hide it before her “hobby” was found out.

This week of the Mirror, we explore crimes at Dartmouth — from infamous campus crimes to graverobbing and public indecency to (gasp) taking two pieces of fruit from FoCo. BON APPETIT!

— Ol Mads and Lil Mags