Editor's Note

by Maddie Brown and Maggie Shields | 10/1/15 6:20pm

During their freshman winter, Maggie and Maddie decided to start an aerobics dance class for all those who lived in the River cluster (how exciting!). They posted sick signs all around the dorms and even on the Class of 2016 Facebook page. The signs read — “Stressed for finals? Still haven’t achieved that hot spring break bod? DON’T FRET!!!! Come to Maddie and Maggie’s aerobics dance class!!!! 5:00 Judge Basement Study Room. IT’S FREE!”

Despite this fantastic marketing effort, when the girls arrived to the basement in their leotards and neon tights, the only people in attendance were themselves. They instantly texted their two other friends and forced them to come to the basement.

Because Maddie and Maggie spent hours making the most perfect playlist and since there was hardly anybody there in attendance (we still hold a grudge), enjoy an excerpt of the mix.

1.“Starships” by Nicki Minaj (2012) — High intensity warm-up. If you aren’t sweating by the end, you are doing something wrong.

2.“Sleazy” by Ke$ha (2010) — Quad, inner thighs and butt workout. Get low and gyrate those hips!

3.“I Love It” (feat. Charli XCX) by Icona Pop (2012) Arm workout. How long can you fist pump for? Try for two minutes and 35 seconds (the entirety of the whole song).

We never held another aerobics class, but this playlist has definitely not lost is luster. In this issue of The Mirror, we examine the musical campus. Our writers wrote a Taylor Swift parody about an epidemic hitting the seniors, uncovered the musical vibes of campus spaces, learned how to rap and shared what music means to them. Bon Apetite!