Editors' Note

by Maddie Brown and Maggie Shields | 9/24/15 6:55pm

For spring break 2013 (no regrets!!), Maggie visited Maddie and her family in Texas. Wearing shiny cowboy boots and a blue dress, Maggie blended in with the masses of people who werelined up to watch the day’s events. No one would have guessed that she hails from suburban Massachusetts — until she opened her mouth. “Yee-haw and howdy y’all! Let’s ride in pick up trucks and go down dirt roads…. with cows!” she said to nobody as Maddie and Maggie entered the rodeo.

Born and raised in Texas (kind-of), Maddie knew what was to come — barbeque, baked beans and bull-riding. The lady sitting next to Maggie ferociously gobbled on a turkey leg slathered in barbeque sauce. Maggie (a devout flexitarian — google it) nervously asked Maddie if they served tofu (also google it) with a similar sauce. They didn’t.

But you know who does have tofu AND barbeque sauce? FOCO! Life lesson — FoCo brings all sorts of people together no matter what your family background is. In this issue, we will explore different parenting styles, the M.R.S. degree and first-generation college students. There is also a quirky piece on what the parents do when the kids leave the nest. Bon appetit!

— Ol Mads and Lil Mags