Editors' Note

by Maddie Brown and Maggie Shields | 9/17/15 7:12pm


Let us take you back in time. Halloween 2012. French dorm. Maggie frantically tapes streamers to her body to complete the most perfect Halloween costume ever — a piñata. Like, what’s more fun than a piñata? NOTHING! Maddie scours her room for an impromptu sailor hat to complete her sexy sailor costume, but she can’t find anything other than her trusty cowboy hat. It starts to rain and Maggie’s streamers get soggy and start to cling to her body. Rainbow colors seeps onto her white T-shirt. A tragedy is in the works.

Life lesson — don’t try new things. A cat costume is always the safest bet.

Now let’s spring forward. Halloween 2015. This date hasn’t happened. Maddie tries to squeeze into her sailor costume. Maggie tapes spines to her face for her porcupine costume because the only thing cooler than a piñata is a porcupine, obviously. An accident is imminent. Maddie’s sailor costume rips. Maggie stabs Maddie with a needle on her porcupine costume. Blood is everywhere. Maddie goes as bloody sailor — real blood — and Maggie wears a cat costume.

Life lesson — a cat costume is still always the safest bet. Or a mouse, duh.

In all reality, we have come so far since freshman year. Once upon a time we were Mirror groupies before we came to Dartmouth, and now we are the editors. Next step — world domination.

This issue of the Mirror focuses on looking back and reflecting on the past, and also looking forward to the promise of our futures. Our writers wrote letters to their past and future selves and looked at important events in recent and future years. We also polled Dartmouth students to tell us about their regrets, accomplishments and future goals. Bon appetite!