Your DOC Trips Guide

by Fiona Ewing | 8/21/15 6:33pm

With summer nearing its end, the anticipation of starting college is most likely starting to kick itself up a notch. For many of you, this new chapter will begin with your five-day experience on your Dartmouth Outing Club First-Year Trip.

Starting college is intimidating enough already – you’re moving away from home to a place where you don’t know anyone. You’re worried about whether you’re going to make new friends and if you’ll be able to adjust. And what is Dartmouth’s answer to all of that? They chuck you in the woods for a few days. But, hey, it works. Maybe it’s the fact that you’ll be too concerned about where you can go to the bathroom and whether you’ll be eaten alive by bugs that distracts you from those precollege jitters, or maybe it’s the amazing group of people you meet that puts your heart at ease. (Or maybe it’s all a secret plot to get you to appreciate the amenities of your freshman dorm room?)

Whatever the case, rest assured that your DOC Trip is going to provide you with the most exhilarating welcome to your home for the next four years.

Trip myths debunked:

1. I’m not outdoorsy enough or in good enough shape for this.

Although there are definitely some ver y outdoorsy people at the College who look like they could be Olympians, there are definitely a lot of people who share this same worry, and chances are that a number of these people will be on your trip. However you feel about Mother Nature and the great outdoors, Trips is an excellent opportunity to get to appreciate Dar tmouth’s beautiful surroundings and to get a sense of the type of outdoor activities that the College has to offer.

2. I’m not going to make any friends on my trip.

There’s just something about stepping away from ever yday life and completely embracing outdoors for a few days that brings people together. The beauty of Trips is that, in a sense, you are just bound to bond with your Trip leaders and Trippees (your fellow students on your Trip). You will likely be amazed at how quickly you get to know your Trippees, and your trip becomes its own little family.

3. I’m going to smell if I don’t shower for five days.

Sorry...unless you always smell like roses, we actually can’t debunk this one. Luckily there’s this thing called sensor y attenuation, and just remember that ev- eryone else is in the same boat, so there’s no need to feel self-conscious. Funny thing is though, you may not actually be able to recognize some of your Trippees once they’ve cleaned themselves up and you see them back on campus.

Things you WILL do:

1. You will eat a lot of oatmeal and mac and cheese, and it will have never tasted so good.

2. Spend time at Moosilauke Lodge.All trips conclude with a day at the beauti- ful Moosilauke Lodge, and so you will have a day to branch out and meet the rest of the people in your section. Prepare to eat well, do a lot of dancing and be relieved tospend a night in one of the DOC cabins.

3. Just...expect a few fun surprises, maybe a prank or two, along the way.

Those are some qualities that most Trips share, and so now you have a more general idea of what to expect. But you’re probably still wondering what your specific Trip will be like, and what type of people are likely to be on your trip. Remember totake this all with a grain of salt, but here’s the breakdown, horoscope-style:

What Your Trip Type Says About You

Hiking 1: You enjoy a good hike, butmaybe found the other hiking Trips a bit daunting. Expect to have a relaxing time getting in touch with the surroundings and getting to know your diverse group of Trippees.

Hiking 2-3: You really know yourself well. You understand your abilities and recognize your limitations. That’s pretty zen. Expect to have a great time getting lost in nature.

Hiking 4: Bravo. We all salute you.

Organic Farming: A bit of an unconventional trip. You’re probably a curious soul, and so expect to learn a lot and to meet other fun, quirky individuals.

Trailwork: You paid money to do trailwork? The world needs more saints like you. That being said, expect to meet other amazing people and form lasting bonds with your fellow altruists.

Cabin Camping: This one’s tough. Expect to meet a variety of people on this Trip, ranging from those who didn’t want to sleep outside to those who didn’t get their first-choice Trip of whitewater kayaking.

Nature Photography: You appreciate your surroundings and are ready to experience and capture all of the memories that Dartmouth has to offer.

Whitewater Kayaking: Although it may be dubbed as dangerous by some, you signed up for this Trip for the thrill. Prepare to meet a group of fun-loving, spontaneous individuals. Sure to be a good time.

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