A Guide to Greek Life and Undergraduate Societies

by Hayley Hoverter | 8/21/15 6:50pm

Home to President Phil Hanlon’s sprawling estate and most of Greek Life on campus, Webster Avenue (frat row) becomes a rather magical place freshman year, home to endless possibility for fulfilling your certified College life of no parents, no rules, #sociallife.

Whether it’s overhyped is for you to decide, but no one can deny that the houses on campus are home to some of the best social events at the College — aside from Ryan’s epic dorm room rager (Rage in Peace, Ryan’s Party: 10/26/2013 — 10/27/2013) that I just made up — and are a huge part of Dartmouth’s rich history.

I reached out to presidents of all of the houses on campus for their take on what makes their house special and historic, and compiled this list just for you! All information is taken directly from the Presidents or our staff’s knowledge.

Alpha Chi Alpha (AXA):

Fraternity located in a green house that looks a bit like a barn. The fraternity hosts an annual Pig Stick party, which features a roast pig out back in their lawn, and a Beach Party. Describe your house in 10 words or less.

Tightest brotherhood on campus.—Matt Abate ’17, AXA summer president

Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA):

A sorority with a physical location in the Channing Cox River apartments, AKA hosts an annual food drive for the Upper Valley Haven, as well as recent events including AKA Week, a sleepover for self-identified women and discussionson topics such as sexual assault and dementia.

Alpha Phi (A Phi):

Sorority located right behind Alpha Xi Delta. A Phi is a national sorority, and they are known for hosting their Red Dress Gala event.

Alpha Phi Alpha (APA):

Fraternity located in the Channing Cox River Apartments, Alpha Phi Alpha hosts a formal Pharaoh's Ball event.

Alpha Pi Omega (APO):

Alpha Pi Omega sorority was established at the College in 2001, and in 2006 the sorority was chartered as a part of the national historically Native American sorority and also received official recognition from the College that year.Dartmouth’s chapter collaborates with the Native American Program to plan various student events, performances and fundraisers. The chapter also participates in Dartmouth'sannual Pow Wow.

Alpha Theta:

Coed located next to the Native American House and Phi Tau.

Alpha Xi Delta (AZD):

Sorority located directly across from the tennis courts. AZD is a national sorority, and they host an annual Xi-man event for charity and a Rose Benefit for Autism Speaks event.

Beta Alpha Omega (Beta):

Fraternity right next to Rockefeller Center for Public Policy.They have a 4th of July lawn party and often hang an American flag outside of their house.

Bones Gate (BG):

Fraternity located on frat row, right behind Fahey-McClane dorm cluster. Next to Sigma Nu and Zete. They host bands throughout the terms on their ground floor. They also host an esoteric, invite-only event known as Cutter.

Chi Gamma Epsilon (Chi Gam):

Fraternity located right next to the dirt path that leads to the Choates cluster parking lot. Chi Gam has its own hot tub and hosts an annual Gammapalooza event.House in 10 words:

A close-knit and lively brotherhood that comes as they are.

— Timothy Brennan ’17, summer president

Chi Heorot (Heorot):

Fraternity located directly across from the gym. In the spring you can see their brothers hanging out on lawn chairs on their porch. Many of its members are varsity skiiers or hockey players.

Chi Delt (Formerly Tri-Delt):

Located between frat row and Occom Pond, at the far end of frat row, Chi Delt voted to localize in the spring of 2015 and has just begun the process. As Tri-Delt, the house hosted Delta House of Pancakes fundraisers and a summer- term invite-only party called Tall Boys.

Epsilon Kappa Theta (Theta/EKT):

A sorority and the very last house on frat row, next to AXA.

Describe your house in 10 words or less: A safe space for phenomenal women.

— Amarachi Ihionu ’17, summer president

Gamma Delta Chi (GDX):

Located right behind Tri Kap, walk past GDX and their dog to get to the path that leads to the Choates. They host music groups during Green Key on their lawn.

Kappa Delta (KD):

Next to Chi Delt. They have a You Make Me Smile campaign, where sisters hand out balloons with compliments written on them to library- goers. They also host yoga events nearly every term.

Kappa Delta Epsilon (KDE):

Sorority located between Sig Ep and Chi Gam that hosts termly “Tackiez” parties, where students wear flair and other crazy clothes and an annual Kentucky Derby party.Your house in 10 words or less:

A place to celebrate sisterhood, womanhoodand good honest fun.

— Allison Chou ’17, summer president

Kappa Kappa Gamma (KKG/Kappa):

Sorority located well past all other sororities, diagonally from Alpha Phi and AZD. Kappa hosts a winter invite-only formal called Kappa Krush and termly FaculTEA events for its members. Describe your house in 10 words or less.

Hard-workers who know how to have fun.— Audrey Djiya ‘17, summer president

Kappa Kappa Kappa (Tri Kap):

Fraternity placed directly across from Novack, one of the more dismal eating areas of one of our libraries.Describe your house in 10 words or less.

Diverse, tight-knit brotherhood that profoundly shapes each brother’s Dartmouth experience.

— Josh Lange ’17, summer president

Lambda Upsilon Lambda (LUL):

La Unidad Latina, or Lambda Upsilon Lamda fraternity, was founded on campus in 1997 by four undergraduate studentswith the aimof “meeting and addressing the needs of Latino students in higher education,” according to the LUL website. LUL places an emphasis on community organizing and hosts an annual banquet, Noche Dorada.

Phi Delta Alpha (Phi Delt):

Huge white house with gigantic balcony right in front of the Choates. Phi Delt is known for hosting live music and constantly playing oldies tunes from its porch, every day of the year.Describe your house in ten words or less.

If you want it, we don’t have it.— Andy Shea ’17, summer president

Phi Tau:

Coed located next to Kemeny and Haldeman Halls. Hosts a termly Milque and Cookies party. Describe your house in 10 words or less

A house of cookies, hugs, wonderful people and wacky times .

— Ruby Hopkins ’17, summer president

Psi Upsilon (Psi U):

Fraternity in a white house that is located next to FoCo (our food court). They have a ski party in the winter, they host concerts throughout the year, and they host promotional parties forretailer Jack Wills.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE):

Fraternity located on the same stretch as the bottom floor of Berry library. SAE’s porch is a common hang-out spot for its members, visible from the library and colloquially known as Pebble Beach. The house hosts a termly champagne event, which is formal and, technically, invite-only. Describe your house in 10 words or less.

Lest the old traditions fail.

— Sam Gallagher ’17, summer president

Sigma Delta (Sigma Delt):

Sorority on West Wheelock Street. This local sorority hosts termly parties of varying themes, as well as the spring-to-summer interim Last Chance dance for graduating seniors.Describe your house in 10 words or less.

Strong women, shoe beers, bras optional. — Joanna Millstein ’17, summer president

Sigma Nu (Sig Nu):

Fraternity right next to Bones Gate. They have a wine event called Nupa Valley.Describe your house in 10 words or less.

Small, tight-knit group of brothers who love sausage pizza.

— Peter Xiong ’17, summer president

Sigma Phi Epsilon (Sig Ep):

Frat with the red door located next to Alpha Chi. They are best known for their termly Pop Punk Party.

The Tabard:

Located next to Tri Kap. Coed known for their termly lingerie party.

Theta Delta Chi (TDX):

Fraternity located behind Psi U on West Wheelock Street. Theta Delt hosts an pig roast each term, and is known for its pop-music playlists during late-night weekend hours.

Describe your house in 10 words or less.We are very close brotherhood that likes tohave fun.

— Jesse Brown ’17, summer president

Zeta Psi (Zete):

Located next to Bones Gate, across from Beta, right next to they Fahey-McLane cluster.


A gender-inclusive society located near Kappa Kappa Gamma. They’re known for Wine and Cheese parties.


An undergraduate society. Its location is nestled among the homes of Hanover town block. It is located down on School Street, past Sigma Delt. The columned,towering housedoesn’t resemble a frat house at all. They have termly Gatsby party.

This article ran in print under the headline "Guide to Greek Life and Coeds".

Addendum (August 26, 2015):

A previous version of this article did not includeAlpha Phi Alpha fraternity, Alpha Pi Omega sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority and Lambda Upsilon Lambda fraternity.The Dartmouth regrets this error.


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