Editor's Note

by Priya Ramaiah | 7/30/15 8:17pm

As of this week, sophomores on campus have officially “crossed the X.” We’re halfway through our college careers, and it’s only up from here, right? Even though we’ve come this far, however, the road ahead seems a little more serious and a lot more uncertain. Are corporate financiers real people? Am I still pre-med? Should I have taken two classes this term? ‘Success’ in the time of sophomore summer, and at Dartmouth in general, is hard to pin down, but in the midst of it all, take some time to read this issue, cross a few items off your bucket list, and stop to consider other people, because it’s entirely possible that the calm and collected genius gliding along in the class you thought would be a layup is paddling just as furiously underneath the surface as everyone else.



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