If You Don't Know, Now You know

by Maddie Brown | 5/28/15 7:23pm

What should be on my Dartmouth bucket list?

Do the Ledyard Challenge backwards — bridge first and then river. Read every book from the library (or at least check them all out). Flitz a professor. Pants Phil Hanlon during graduation. Have a “lost chance” party. Invite all past hookups — any DMFO, boyfriend/girlfriend or random formal date — and mingle in one location. It could get weird.

How should I talk to my graduating ’15 crushes?

In a lengthy flitz (500 words minimum), you should explain why you are interested in them. Do their eyes twinkle? Have you seen them doing squats at the gym? Go into detail. You should cc all of your crushes — not only is this efficient, but it also shows your crushes that they have competition and need to reply fast!

How can I talk to my future ’19 crushes?

After gaining access to the ’19s’ Facebook group, you should start to vigorously comment on every post. A meet up in Cali? Count yourself in! Anyone from Nebraska? Comment your favorite fun fact! Did you know Nebraska means “duck-lover” in Finnish? Oh, it doesn’t? Debate sparked and romance ignites as you banter away in the comments.