A Sentence is Worth a Thousand Words

| 2/12/15 9:10pm

If you could describe your romantic life at Dartmouth in one sentence, what would it be?

A progression of sexual discoveries and positive experiences.

I’m still figuring out who I am.

Flaming one moment, questioning it and myself the next.

Impressively feminist girls with surprisingly unfeminist sexual preferences

Hell is other people.


I want to have different experiences while I still can.

I’m happy to be taken, and that includes being taken out of the game.

I shouldn’t have gotten so emotionally invested when I wasn’t strong enough to care for myself.

It has been interesting and unexpected.

You only have time for hookups.

In a steady relationship with school.


Hookup culture and low standards of taking a human interest in one another’s lives.

Random, shambly hookups.

Always learning, meeting new people and moving onward and upward.

I’m in a long-distance relationship.

It’s been the best of times, it’s been the worst of times.

Writing 5.

Serial non-emotional sexual interaction.

Tragic, until suddenly it wasn’t.


One-night stands, but doesn’t have to be only one night.


I’m in love with the boy I want to marry.


Should be better.

I wish I had a girlfriend — I’m down for something long-term.

Always changing.

I’ve found someone I plan to be in a committed, exclusive relationship with long-term.

I have a casual hookup that I haven’t defined, but I’m also hooking up with my best friend — so it’s complicated.


There is no time for a romantic life.

Rocky road.


Rougher than sandpaper.

A series of failed attempts to take strong personal connections further.

Found my life partner.

Came to campus trying to recover from a broken heart and learned quickly that boys are not good band-aids.

The Dartmouth X is real.

Meet boy, hook up, become bored, repeat.

It’s difficult to meet people.

Romance is not what I’m focused on right now. I’d rather work on my own personal and intellectual growth for now.

In a long-distance relationship, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Messy, sloppy, often drunken, always fun, usually casual, often guided by wanting cuddles.

I’m not mature enough for a real relationship, and I know it.

Amazing romantic relationship without sex.

Losing out to aggressive predators.

After a series of unfulfilling random hookups, I’m now happy to be in a meaningful relationship.


Complicated but steady.

My first serious relationship, first sexual experience, first time someone said he loved me.

I’ll hookup with you if I find you really, really, REALLY attractive, but your personality usually ruins it.

Romance is pretty much dead at Dartmouth.

In a long-term relationship that’s made it through a crazy D-Plan.

There was love, then single life and then, swug life.

No B.S. yet, but a Ph.D. in third-wheeling.

Same people over and over — I want something new.

My high school sweeheart followed me to Dartmouth, and I couldn’t be happier.

Up and down, currently boring as hell and uncomprehensive of how everyone else seems to have an interesting one.

Romance has fallen by the wayside, leaving me unsatisfied.

I never close.


Three minutes.

Trying to find someone who is thoughtful and wants to snuggle but failing.

Rediscovering first love.

My romantic life has been a whirlwind of luck, fun, surprise and happiness.

Too many casual hookups, not enough meaningful relationships.

A series of unfortunate events.

Dating — a supposedly fun thing I’ll never do again.

The lone pine.

I found love in a hopeless place!

This is a disaster.

It’s been a learning process.

Out to experience as much as I can.

Anyone will do... except you, or you, or you or any of you.

There doesn’t seem to be time or space for real romance here.

I just haven’t met you yet.

I guess it was fun and casual at first, but I unexpectedly found someone I really connected with and fell in love.

“Lovers... that word bums me out unless it’s between meat and pizza.”

It’s been a learning experience.


Random hookups have been disappointing, but when I’ve taken the time and been okay with the vulnerability required for a relationship, I have been incredibly fulfilled and happy.

A series of unfortunate events until Tinder on an off-term.

Erratic, stressful, fun.

Rather like hiking a mountain — the view gets better and better.

I’m romantically attached to my problem sets.

The Sahara Desert.

Single and celibate but not for lack of trying.

Dating as a gay undergrad here is impossible.

I’m dating chemistry.

“Hell is empty. And all the devils are here.”

I’m too horny, and there are too many willing gay guys around.

Messing around with your best friend is a no-no.

Those I’ve liked don’t reciprocate. Those who liked me I didn’t reciprocate.

No wonder we have a problem with binge drinking.