“Green Space”

by Mary Liza Hartong and Andrew Kingsley | 1/23/15 12:01am

Can I meet you,on the Green?We could find some incredible things.Farmers, frisbees, falling leaves,Saw the lines and I thought: Oh my god,Look at those crepes, kettle corn and pink cupcakes.Grab my cash, and stuff my face.

Now frisbees start to fly.I can tell that’s the A-team.Running towards me is some guyWho I think I met in Math 3.I say, let’s be friends.I think I’ll send this guy a flitz.Grab the frisbee and his hand.Maybe we’ll go backpacking for a weekend.

Hang on the Green whenever,During lunch or walks of shame. Pick some four leaf clovers,Or get psyched for a football game.Even when there’s dense cloud cover,You won’t hear me complain.Cause you know I put on layers,In wind, sun and rain.

I love the Green at breakfast.Or underneath the brilliant stars.I love it when I’m breathlessRunning to a seminar.Even when there’s dense cloud coverYou won’t hear me complain.Cause you know I put on layersIn wind, sun and rain.

Take a tripRound the fire.How many laps? Yep I did 18.Couldn’t touch it, didn’t try.But the girl who did is our queen. Creepy alums, with their kidsTalkin’ ’bout, things they didWhile someone gets arrested.

Oh no,Winter, coming, bad snow storms,I haven’t ordered my duck boots.Goose coat, keep me warm.On this crazy ice rink, like oh my god,That’s the Green?! How’s it this slippery?There’s no turning back: I must cross.Tell my mom I loved her cause I won’t make it.

Winter’s gonna be forever.All I want are some flames.Hibernation ’til its over.Too cold to feel pain.Gonna throw some snowballs.Someone might get maimed.Oops hit my crush with an ice chunk.Now at least he knows my name.

Now it’s spring, #stillblessed,The winter left me emotionally scarred.But I can’t be depressed.When 15S is about to start,Gonna go crazy during Green Key.They’ll tell you I’m insane.But I got a blank space baby,It’s my liver, bye bye brain.

Leaves growing, sun shines, shorts comin’ back.Don’t stay in, stay out on the Green, yeah.Leaves growing, sun shines, shorts comin’ back,Don’t stay in, stay out on the Green, yeah.

So now it’s graduation.Four years have fried your brain.All the parents are crying.But you’re rocking your cool Sphinx cane.Should’ve been an econ major.French and psych were in vain.Cause you know I won’t earn money.But tonight I got champagne.

Cause we’re young, and we’re reckless.Sophomore summer is the bomb.Chill and get sunkissed.Layups all day long.Got a long list of to-dos: Copper mines and the rope swing. No more blank space baby.Cause this College is my thing.