The Mirror Asks

by The Dartmouth Mirror Staff | 10/2/14 7:50pm

What's your favorite thing about fall?

Taylor Malmsheimer ’15, managing editor: Getting my daily pumpkin spice latte (GLORIOUS).

Stephanie McFeeters ’15, executive editor: Sweet potato and pumpkin treats at Collis.

Michael Riordan ’15, executive editor: Judging those who buy pumpkin spice lattes (VILE) and later Instagram their drinks (MORE VILE).

Natalie Van Brunt ’16, Mirror writer: The return of seasonally shaped Reese’s Cups.

How are you preparing for Homecoming?

Emily Albrecht ’16, opinion editor: Readying my body for more Lou’s cider than anyone should ever imbibe.

Sasha Dudding ’15, managing editor: I have not prepared for creepy alums, but maybe I should pick up my key from ORL? They did send me a strongly worded blitz about it the other day.

Sam Forstner ’18, Mirror writer: Continuing to have really cramped dorm parties always at a high risk of getting busted.

Rachel Hein ’15, Mirror writer: Sometimes creepy,sometimes cute, sometimes both and sometimes just overly affectionate Dartmouth couples. I’ll just watch from afar.

Aaron Pellowski ’15, senior columnist: Designing alter aliases that might appeal to older generations, e.g. J. Edwin Balderdash McRockefeller Money III.

Ashley Ulrich ’15, arts editor: Devising a plan of attack to round out the top end of my Dartmouth Decade.

If you could leaf peep anywhere, where would you peep?

Natalie Cantave ’16, photo editor: Wilder Hall, tree by Silsby and of course, Occom Pond.

Lindsay Ellis ’15, editor-in-chief: You can’t beat the Robo porch.

Marian Lurio ’15, senior columnist: Does that mean looking at leaves? I don’t get it. I’m a creep no matter what tree I’m sitting in the branches of.

Kalie Mariscano ’17, Mirror writer: Leaf peeping soundsincredibly invasive but anyway the ivy on Wilder is the best.