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February 22, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Editor's Note

Hi guys! Remember me? It’s been a while. Emma and Jasmine are off doing big things, and I’ve been (re)charged with the job of providing you with your weekly dose of campus culture. But weirdly enough, I’ve got nothing to say. How is it that I’m starting my last year at this institution and can’t produce a single nugget of wisdom to share? Thankfully I’ve got a team of talented writers, and even all of you survey-takers, to do the sharing for me. First and foremost, let’s all give a warm welcome to AP’15 (you might know him from “Pigeons of Boston”) and Marian Lurio ’15 (a seasoned Mirror pro), our senior columnists for the 2014-15 year. Both of them have plenty of writing experience and fantastic senses of humor, so I’m confident in saying that all potential reader needs will be taken care of.

Second, as you’ll soon see, this week’s edition is a little different. If you’ve checked blitz in the past few days, you’d see the massive and semi-exhaustive survey blitzed out to students and faculty covering topics ranging from cheating to sex to marijuana legalization to satisfaction with the Greek system. It is certainly not reflective of all students on campus, but we were able to manage around a 10-percent response rate (which, as those of you who have taken stats at Dartmouth know, is pretty good for a survey with more than 50 questions.) You can read all the juicy tidbits inside, but it’s time to learn a little bit about me.

Now that I’ve taken a grand total of two statistics class periods, it’s safe to say I can share some nominal stats about the way I spend my time — 50 percent is spent working from my bed, 25 percent is spent placing orders to Jewel of India from Robinson Hall, 15 percent is spent calling my slumlord landlord about plumbing issues and the final 10 percent is spent crying about the looming reality of my jobless future. I hope you find the way I, and 280 other Dartmouth students, spend time interesting enough to enjoy the many firsts The Mirror has to offer.