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The Dartmouth
June 19, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

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SAT UPHEAVAL:Everything we ever knew about the SATs has changed.

DARTMOUTH IDOL:Tonight, campus will cheer on people way more talented than we can ever hope to be. If you didnít get tickets, have no fear. Thereís overflow seating in Moore. Because that's the same.

SPRING BREAK:Whether you're hitting up Miami with 43 of your closest friends or spending the next two weeks watching Netflix in bed with your cat, spring break has appeared on the horizon. If you ask us, it can't possibly come fast enough.

LAST DAY OF CLASSES:Now that classes are coming to a close, some of our professors have been trying to make up for a term of torturous assessments by bringing in delicious treats. We're not complaining.

GOODBYE:For those of us still struggling with the D-Plan, the end of a term means saying goodbye to those we won't be seeing for10 (or 30) weeks.