Trending @ Dartmouth

by Amelia Acosta and Tyler Bradford | 11/14/13 4:37pm


MEMOIRS:Literally what is "Three For Ship?" Why is its website so confusing?

DICK'S HOUSE:While there is, by definition, nothing trendy about Dick's House, the difficulty one has getting an appointment seems to imply it's the hottest spot on campus.

COURSE REJECTION:Somehow not getting into the classes you wanted stings almost as much as getting rejected for formal. Especially when you're a senior who didn't get into the one class you need to graduate during the last term itís offered. Whatever happened to course enrollmentpriorities?

WHAT WOULD I SAY:This app showed up out of nowhere but made a big splash nonetheless. It generates hilarious, broken English Facebook statuses that it thinks you would make, based on past word choice.

ART:We've been completely inundated with song, dance, art openings and general performance this week. Not a bad showing for week nine!

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