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The Dartmouth
June 17, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth



WARMTH:We love the unexpected sun but it might be time to pick a season, Hanover.

SPACE:Apparently the chance of life on other planets is greater than ever, according to data from NASA's Kepler spacecraft. As those who've been waiting for the mothership since birth, we're incredibly excited.

SURVEYS:It's that most horrible time of the term when your inbox is full of emails with what someone probably thought was a clever subject line, disguising a plea to "Take our two minute SOCY 10 survey please we'll love you forever!" Barely even worth the procrastination.

FORMAL BLITZES:It's always dicey whether to be witty or cordial with these. If you think it's weird to blitz someone asking them to formal, you haven't been at Dartmouth long enough. We're all part of the community.

#BLESSED:When did this become a thing? Are we using it ironically? Are we really that sappy? Questions abound but the hashtag remains.