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May 30, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

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DARTMOUTH COMPLIMENTS: After an intermittent hiatus, the anonymous compliment option returns.

COURSE SELECTION: Dartmouth does what it does best: forces us to think about the upcoming term when we hadn't even realized this one was halfway over. Happy picking everybody.

KRISTEN WIIG: In the grand tradition of comedians as Commencement speakers (i.e. we're still laughing at Conan), the buzz is mounting around everyone's favorite bridesmaid as a top pick for the '14s' graduation. She could write her notes in a sad, handwritten book!

SEMI DATES: Semi occupies a frustrating gray area where an invite could be courtship or just confirmation of a friendship. But the awkward back-and-forth blitz convo about what to wear is a time-honored tradition.

CHaD: The Children's Hospital at Dartmouth's unbelievably touching "Roar" video made it to Buzzfeed, and last weekend's run raised $650,000.