Editor's Note

by Amelia Acosta and Tyler Bradford | 10/31/13 5:28pm


The first snow in Hanover is usually a letdown. Everyone, myself included, gets really excited at those first flurries, imagining winter wonderlands to come. For some of us, it’s the first time we’ve seen snow. But if my winters here are any indication — I’ve only had two, but we’ll assume they’re representative — the first snow never stays for long, usually washed away by the fall New England rain. It can be a little disappointing for winter lovers yearning for the seasonal transition. But have no fear, before long, it will be back in full force, and when April comes around and it’s still snowing, you’ll curse the days you ever wished for more.

In this week’s issue, we talk to some students who have stuck around in Hanover for a bit longer than usual and explore another Upper Valley tradition. We set some ground rules for what is acceptable in various DDS locations, offer comparative research on the way our dorm life is structured and chart the Halloween legacy, because we love to embrace the holidays. As we begin to see light at the end of this tunnel we call terms, it’s easy to look ahead and only anticipate what’s to come. I’m definitely guilty of this — course selection is one of my favorite things. It can be helpful, however, to relish in the waning fall weather, friends who are about to depart to all corners of the world or classes that may actually be more interesting that their final projects make them seem. It certainly makes for a more enjoyable week seven. Happy Friday!