Editor's Note

by Amelia Acosta | 2/14/13 11:00pm

by Rebecca Xu / The Dartmouth

When I was a child, I suffered from several chronic misconceptions about how the world worked. I thought that shoes shrunk, instead of feet growing, and that stores stuffed them with paper to keep them from getting smaller before they were purchased. I learned the word "fiend" when I was seven but using it didn't make me sound smart because I pronounced it "fee-end." One summer, I buried several pieces of Dem Bones candy in my sandbox and dug them up to snack on months later, unconcerned that the same sandbox was essentially a public restroom for Arizona wildlife. My mother once picked me up from school in a slightly loose-fitting shirt and I, the over-eager only child, immediately sprinted into her arms, screaming my excitement about her pregnancy and my imminent new sibling. I wasn't a complete idiot, but like almost everyone else in this world, I could have benefited from taking a closer look at things. Our campus is fairly tight-knit, and sometimes it seems like everyone knows everything about everyone else, for better or for worse. But there are also those people and organizations that exist out of the spotlight, maybe because they're controversial or because they simply don't command much attention. But as a very wise and stylish government professor once told me, one of the major benefits of the liberty is the opportunity to explore viewpoints that might sharply contrast with yours, which could absolutely benefit from a closer look. Take advantage, starting here at our small College there are those who love it for very different reasons. Happy wide-eyed Friday!

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