| 11/1/12 11:00pm

Unidentified male outside of FoCo: I actually tried shrooms as an appetite suppressor, you know, to, like, stop the munchies. Turns out it just makes everything look like food.

'13 Guy: I'm a single male. What else am I supposed to do but go to Theta Delt?

'16 Guy discussing room-to-room tails: I had a really great time the other night at "Every Room Is a Different Drink."

'13 Girl: Can I send in my own senior portrait from when I was hotter in high school?

'13 Girl at party: We should all get mammograms!

'13 Girl: Do you think these are men's pants? There's a lot of room for balls in here.

'13 Girl: I heard Nilla Wafers are the only cookies albino people eat.