| 11/8/12 11:00pm

'14 Girl: It's like champong. At first, you're like, oh, this is yummy. Then you're like, oh, I'm on the floor.

'13 Girl: Did you vote?'13 Guy: I voted absentee. '13 Girl: Who is that?

'13 Girl: How do I reject this guy that asked me to formal?'14 Guy: Tell him that you are so bummed Romney lost that you can't go.

'16 Guy 1: Are you going to Milque and Cookies tonight?'16 Guy 2: Nah, I don't even know where Phi Delt is.

'15 Girl: Wait, what? I had no idea Romney was actually Mormon. I thought that was a joke.

'13 Girl: Alexander Hamilton was, like, so attractive. Sometimes when I get a $10 bill I don't spend it. I just look at it for a while.

'13 Girl: My professor used the term "avoidable shame" in the comments on my paper.