Letter from the Editors

by Casey Aylward and Priya Krishna | 10/4/12 10:00pm

by Karen Wen / The Dartmouth

We all grew up hearing a variety of myths. Whether they concern haunted houses, ice cream causing nightmares or bubble gum remaining in your stomach for seven years, myths are everywhere. Everyone has theories, but no one really knows the correct answer. Dartmouth is certainly no stranger to myths we are shrouded not only by the mountains of New Hampshire, but also by various mysteries. As soon as we arrive on campus, we are inundated with legends of Dartmouth's past, present and future blood thinners in Cutter, haunted rooms in Panarchy, the administration monitoring words like "punch" in our blitzes, claims that we consume 1 percent of all Keystone produced globally. We bet you've heard at least one of these rumors since arriving on campus. For this week's Mirror, we posed a pretty difficult challenge to our writers to confirm or deny some of Dartmouth's most rampant rumors. Some were fairly easy to bust (in case you are wondering, we do not consume 1 percent of the world's Keystone not even close), while others proved more elusive (alas, you may never know what got you so drunk at 6 p.m. on the Thursday of Winter Carnival). One lesson we learned from all this: Some things might just be better off as mysteries.

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