Letter from the Editors

by Casey Aylward and Priya Krishna | 9/3/12 10:00pm

by Rebecca Xu / The Dartmouth

DOC Trip? Check. Dorm move-in? Check. Now, the only thing standing in the way of you and COLLEGE (that's an Animal House reference, freshmen) is Orientation. You've picked up this gigantic copy of The D, skimmed (read: skipped) the news/opinion/arts/sports articles and arrived at what you were looking for: the Orientation schedule an hour-by-hour breakdown of all the opportunities Dartmouth has to offer. First things first: You will not attend even half of these events. Don't even try. As everyone will tell you, Orientation is overwhelming. That's why we at The Mirror, your Friday source for all things Dartmouth culture, are here to provide you with a comprehensive insider's guide to Orientation in this compact four-page issue. From how to pick your classes to how to responsibly dome yourself (look it up on Urban Dictionary) on free food, this issue will tell you what's not to be missed and what can be skipped during these next six days. You'll also get some general Orientation social etiquette tips (Good news: There aren't really any). So read up, but don't spend too much time reading there are friends to be made and fun to be had. We can't wait for you to ruin the curve in those intro classes we forgot to take for our majors until senior fall.

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