1-on-1 with Cab Morris '14

by Kevin Cox | 5/13/12 10:00pm

This week, I sat down with men's ice hockey goaltender Cab Morris '14 to discuss the team's offseason training, the future of the Dartmouth hockey program and his trivia knowledge.

When did you first start playing hockey?

CM: I actually started skating when I was three years old and began playing hockey at the age of five. My dad, who was also a goalie, was my first coach. I played most of my youth hockey in Chicago. After my sophomore year in high school, I moved east to play at Hotchkiss. I then moved back to the Midwest for my senior year after being drafted by the Indiana Ice of the United States Hockey League.

What led you to come to Dartmouth?

CM: The academic reputation of the school combined with a great hockey program. Dartmouth has a history of recruiting outstanding players and developing them into pro players. Coach [Bob] Gaudet ['81] is a former Dartmouth goalie, so working with him also had special appeal for me. All of the coaching staff is top-notch and the Thompson Arena is a great place to play.

What's the most difficult aspect of being a goalie?

CM: The mental part of the game is the most difficult, but it is the part I also enjoy the most. I like the mental challenge and intensity of competing in games where as a goalie you are always the last line of defense. The mental challenge of being a goalie requires you to always be on top of things in your life, whether it is schoolwork, hockey or any other outside responsibilities.

With Jody O'Neill '12 and James Mello '12 graduating, the starting spot at goalie is pretty open. Who's your main competition for the job?

CM: We have two talented freshman goalies coming in next year. It is good to have strong competition at this position because it pushes all of us to work hard and be at our best.

What's the off-season training like?CM: During the spring we train five days a week, with a lift on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons and skills and plyometrics on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7 a.m. Coach [Bob] Miller has a strength and conditioning program we also work on over the summer. We start skating again during the summer and work on skills, technique and individual areas of our game we want to improve. As a goalie, I work on position-specific training, including balance, core and stability exercises. In the summer, I spend most of my time on the ice working with a goalie coach on movement and save technique.

How's the team shaping up for next year?

CM: Although we lost a strong senior class, we have an outstanding group of returning players. We will have great senior leadership and a very skilled and talented group of rising sophomores and juniors. The incoming freshman recruits look like a strong group too and should have a chance to contribute right away.

Do you have aspirations to play professional hockey?

CM: Absolutely. In fact, most of the players on our team have pro aspirations after graduation. There are currently seven or eight Dartmouth hockey alums in the NHL and many more in the minor leagues. It is a testament to the coaching staff and their dedication to skill development. The rigor of being a student-athlete at Dartmouth prepares you well for the next step in life, whether it is continuing a pro hockey career or moving on to the workplace.

What's something people would be surprised to learn about you?

CM: I am really good at trivia. However, according to my teammates, my obscure facts are not particularly useful to others.

Who's your favorite NHL team?

CM: I love watching hockey on TV and try to catch as many NHL games as I can. Not only are the games fun to watch, but I find myself learning a lot from the players. As for a specific team, I am a big Blackhawks fan, being from Chicago. They are an exciting team to watch because they are incredibly skilled and play a fast-paced game.