| 11/17/11 11:00pm

'13 Girl 1: There's no hope in finding boys. We're junior girls, we're socially irrelevant.'13 Girl 2: Even more than senior girls?'13 Girl 1: Yea, senior girls have that "renewed spirit" thing going on.

'13 Girl, spreading icing on a piece of bread in the 1902 Room: It's like cake, but different.

'14 Guy: You're wearing jeans to formal?'13 Guy: I'm allowed to because I'm into fashion. And they're tailored.

'13 Girl: I got so good at identifying gender in anime that I forgot how to do it in real life.

'12 Guy to '12 Girl during a meeting: Can you please turn off your vibrator it's making me uncomfortable.

'15 Guy in Collis: Who does this harmonica player think he is? Collis is NOT a subway.

'15 Girl: Do you know where umm Webster Avenue is?