Lav Notes: Help for the Stalled — Let's Fix Your Shitty Study Habits!

by Annabel Edelson | 11/17/11 11:00pm

All backed up and need some relief? Want to drop everything but just can't seem to let go? Quit prairie dogging and soften your load. If you are down in the dumps and feel as if you are holding everything inside, unclench and let it out.

The reason for this internal blockage is that your habits stink like a black banana. You cannot simply plop on a stool with your study materials and expect to absorb everything it will all pass right through you, leaving not a single excrement of knowledge. In order to stop excreting all the information you wish to retain, become privy to habits that you should boot.

Take your time. It will only cause you pain if you rush and will be a mess if you do not finish your business. As you get going, don't let your head float to Uranus. Stay focused on your task at hand remain levelheaded, take your work seriously and take your time.

You may work hard and play hard here at Dartmouth, but your primary goal is to study. Check your habits and relieve yourself of those that may be weighing you down.

Thanks to Annabel Edelson for this month's topic!