The DM Manual of Style

by Clark Moore and Auriell Towner | 11/12/09 11:00pm

If you have ever met John Boger '13, you would know "absolutely insane" would not begin to describe him. More commonly known as "Jack, J. Boge or Broger," he has a vivacious personality that stands in stark contrast to his put-together wardrobe.

Boger grew up in Sandy Springs, Ga., where he attended a small private school with his twin sister, Olivia, who attends Duke.

"The school was very nature-oriented, very nurturing and intimate," he said.

Boger said he thinks those outdoor experiences have subconsciously influenced his style, as he is enamored with the outdoors. In middle school, he transferred to a public school outside of Atlanta where he believes he got his current urban edge.

He describes middle school as a dark period where he fell into many of the unfortunate trends of the early 2000s, including spiked hair and what he calls "sk8erboi fashion."

Fortunately for all, these trends didn't last long and Boger began exploring.

"In high school, I started to become more self-confident and became more aware of what I like and what looks good on me, and that is something that I believe is still evolving today," Boger said.

This confidence allows him to continue investing time and effort into his wardrobe, even though dressing well, he said, is a concept with which many of his male friends are unfamiliar. On an average day, Boger can be seen sporting vintage Cole Haan loafers, khakis and a Lacoste polo. This outfit often merits the question, "Why are you so dressed up?" or "Do you have an interview?"

No, Dartmouth, Boger doesn't need an excuse to look this sharp!

Boger definitely embodies the Dartmouth style. He relies on preppy mainstays like Lacoste and Ralph Lauren while pairing them with the more outdoorsy looks of Patagonia and L.L Bean. While Boger's style msy remind some readers of Max Moran '12, another well-dressed southern gentleman we've already interviewed, Boger doesn't have any familial inspiration he developed his preppy style by sifting through thrift stores. He enjoys hunting for finds in Little Five Points, a neighborhood in residential Atlanta.

He also has a special affinity for bow ties. He bought his first bow tie for a seventh grade dance and has not looked back, amassing a collection of almost 20 ties. Although Boger loves the selection provided by Vineyard Vines and Brooks Brothers, he said he prefers Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont, in Middlebury Vt., which specializes in making bow ties for "tie connoisseurs."

Since coming to Dartmouth, Boger has fallen captive to online shopping. He frequents eBay, where he won his mid-80's Patagonia field coat.

You can't miss this clean-cut freshman. As he says, "Look sharp, be sharp!"

For the rest of you, we'll be on the lookout. You never know, you could be next!

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