by The Dartmouth | 11/12/09 11:00pm

'11 Guy: You know what i hate about warm weather? It brings out the Frisbee kids.

'10 Psi U: Cooper! Don't you ever run towards the road like that again. You just scared Daddy!

'10 Girl 1: You should make out with him, practice always comes in handy!'10 Girl 2: Wait... I don't need practice!'10 Girl 1: It's like any sport... ideally you should practice on a regular basis.

KDE '12: My mom just told me that she'll come play "ping" in the basement this weekend if I lend her some "flash."

Blood Drive Worker: Would you be willing to donate blood?'10 Guy: Sorry, I'm all out.

'13 Girl: Put on your coat.'13 Boy: I don't need a coat, alcohol is my winter jacket!

'13 Guy: When girls come into your room and trip over your Star Wars Trilogy, then your N64, does it mess up your game?

Computer Help Desk Worker 1: I think it's time to use the Ultimate Boot disc.Computer Help Desk Worker 2: Ultimate Boot... that sounds like something you would do after a pong game.

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