Editors' Note

by Amita Kulkarni and Jennifer Argote | 11/19/09 11:00pm

The Mirror: Conservatism at Dartmouth
by Edward Zhang / The Dartmouth

In this issue, we focus on the history of conservatism at Dartmouth and whether it is "dead" at the College today.

While we weren't able to confirm if conservatism on campus is dead or alive, we can confirm that our affiliation with The Mirror will be dead after today. Next term, a new strapping young social butterfly will take the helm. We hope your new editor will be as entertaining and relevant as we have been all year. In the mean time, we'll be enjoying a life that actually allows time for work and a little more play. For the past three terms, we have made you laugh, made you cry and hopefully discussed some important issues every once in a while. It's been a good run see you in the Overheards!