Short Answer: Dartmouth's win

by The Dartmouth Opinion Staff | 10/25/09 11:00pm

Friday's Verbum Ultimum called for Dartmouth football Head Coach Buddy Teevens '79 to lead the team to win Saturday's Homecoming game against Columbia University. What does Saturday's victory mean for Dartmouth football and Teevens' job?It was an inspiring win for Dartmouth, and one we sorely needed. But let's not get ahead of ourselves with the symbolism of Saturday's win. There's still a lot of work and winning to do before Teevens' and Dartmouth football's reputations can turn the corner. Isaiah Berg '11

Baker Tower's bells were going to toll regardless of the outcome of Saturday's game. Luckily for coach Teevens, it was in a celebratory manner. I hope that Dartmouth has the backbone to stand by Teevens for one more season. Either way, it is time for a critical reevaluation of the College's priorities surrounding football we can't always have the top players and the top scholars, and our ability to attract the former is waning by the year.

Cameron Nutt '11

There really is nothing like a self-esteem boost. I just hope that Dartmouth football is able to capitalize on it.Tom Mandel '11

The curse has been broken. But even though the football team has won a game, we should not let Coach Teevens off the hook. A head coach is ultimately judged on his or her team's performance over the course of an entire season. Although our football team is on a high, Coach Teevens' job security must be evaluated after all is said and done.

Jasper Hicks '12

There's nothing that builds stronger momentum for a team than winning its first game in over a year. I'm faithful that there will be more victories to come.Ethan Wang '13

Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Winning a Homecoming game against a perennial conference doormat should not be big news. The program is still in shambles and still festers with a culture of mediocrity. I hope Saturday's win doesn't distract from the fact that major changes are needed and preferably sooner rather than later.Raza Rasheed '12

The real test for the football team and Teevens will be in Cambridge next weekend. Harvard hasn't lost to an Ivy opponent yet. If Dartmouth can manage back to back wins, it will prove the team can compete, absent the euphoria of Homecoming.Ben Gonin '12

The team's victory made that dismal, rainy Saturday bearable. It is a cause for celebration, and we should enjoy it. However, it is important to keep the proper perspective. One victory against a relatively unskilled team is only a first step, albeit an important one, toward regaining our honor and pride. Peter Blair '12

Hopefully, the win represents an upswing in Dartmouth victories. If nothing else, Saturday's win has raised expectations for the Big Green; we know you can win, now do it!Emily Baxter '11

I am admittedly not a fan of Dartmouth football, and I didn't attend to the Homecoming game, but when I heard that we had won, a smile came to my face. I hope coach Teevens can use this important victory to build some momentum to carry us through the rest of the season.Chris Talamo '11

Our one tick in the win column doesn't prove that we're an any better football team than we were on Friday, it just means we as students can no longer brag to our friends at other schools about our impressive losing streak.Kevin Niparko '12