O'Donnell, Silberberg tapped to run The D

by Susan Matthews | 11/19/07 3:21am

The outgoing directorate of The Dartmouth, seen here at Casque and Gauntlet Senior Society, announced the new directorate Saturday night. The new directorate will assume control of the paper Winter term.
by Danny Gobaud / The Dartmouth

O'Donnell and Silberberg inherit the daily, independent publication which boasts a staff of over 200 members.

"We definitely have big shoes to fill, but I think we have a really talented staff, and I'm looking forward to next year," O'Donnell said.

O'Donnell, the first female Editor-in-Chief in five years, hails from Baltimore, Md., and is double-majoring in English and Art History. She is a member of Kappa Delta Epsilon sorority and has written for the news section of The Dartmouth since her freshman fall.

Silberberg, a native of New York City, is majoring in History modified with Economics. A member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, he joined The Dartmouth Staff in his sophomore fall. He has written for the news section since then, so his selection as Publisher came as a bit of a surprise, Silberberg said.

"We have a tremendous opportunity to continue the great work of the '08 directorate," Silberberg said.

Grace Wyler '09 and Zeke Turner '09 will replace current Executive Editors Elise Waxenberg '08 and Rebekah Rombom '08. Hillary Wool '09 will take over for Jennifer Garfinkel '08 as as the daytime Managing Editor, while Amanda Cohen '09 will be replacing Stuart Reid '08 and Dan Duray '08 as the evening Managing Editor. Zach Swiss '09 will become the publication's first Deputy Managing Editor.

Jordan Rose '09 and Nate Niparko '09 are taking over as Sports Editors for the current Sports Editor Evan Meyerson '08. The Dartmouth Mirror Editor Kelsey Blodget '08 will be replaced by Caitlin Kelly '09. Astrid Bradley '09 will take over as the Arts and Entertainment Editor for Meredith Fraser '08. Design Editor Jonathan Scherr '08 will be replaced by Steve Reinitz '09.

On the business staff, Tom Huzarsky '09 will replace current Advertising Director Thomas Sheridan '08 in the winter, while Danny Michlewicz '09 will fill the position in the spring and fall. Huzarsky will become Circulation Director, replacing Alan Han '08, in the fall and spring, with Meredith Gringer '09 acting as director in the winter. Alice Kogan '09 will succeed Eric Crawford '08 as the Finance Director.

Five members of the class of 2010 will join the directorate in the upcoming year. Zachary Gottlieb '10 and Claire Murray '10 are taking over as the Opinion Editors for Sara del Nido '08 and David Rothenberg '08. Similarly, Photography and Graphics Editors Lauren Wool '08 and Sarah Shaw '08 will be replaced by Tilman Dette '10 and Jen Argote '10.

A newly formed position, Online Editor, will be filled by the creator of the publication's new website, Thomas Bukowski '10.

"This industry has evolved into one that requires online administration, and we have a person who's perfect for the job," Editor-in-Chief Phil Salinger '08 said.

O'Donnell and Silberberg said that they were enthusiastic about the inclusion of members of the class of 2010 in the upcoming year's directorate.

"We have good young talent," Silberberg said.

The outgoing Directorate chooses the following year's Directorate by evaluating applicants on both their applications and past performance.

"We have the luxury of having two years to get to know these people," Salinger said. "They've all been wonderful contributors, so it puts us in a wonderful position to put them in our position next year."

Publisher Eddie Kalletta '08 reinforced this idea.

"We're confident that the '09's will do a great job," Kalletta said.

Both Kalletta and Salinger expressed regret at having to leave The Dartmouth after this term.

"It's bittersweet, but it's been a wonderful three years," Kalletta said. "I'll miss working with people day to day."

"I'm sad to leave The D -- I love it. I love the people and I love the work," Salinger said.

At the event on Saturday, the 2008 Directorate not only announced the 2009 Directorate, but also gave awards to certain members of the staff.

The Staff Photographer Award was given to Jessica Griffen '10, while Kate Farley '10 won the Staff Writer Award. Ira T. Holmes Book Awards, which recognizie freshmen members of the staff, were given to Turia Lahlou '11, Nathan Swire '11, Mateusz Grudzien '11, Lily Ringler '11, Divya Gunasekaran '11, Kasia Vincunas '11, Brian Solomon '11 and Kevin Liao '11.

Blair Randall '11 also received the Ira T. Holmes Book Award for her work on The Dartmouth business staff. Cory Cunningham '10 was recognized as Business Staff Member of the Year.