Quick Fix

by Compiled by Caitlin Kelly | 11/10/06 6:00am

Secret lives -- they can range from Mitty-esque daydreaming into full blown, much cooler secret-agent double identities. But, in case you don't actually live a top-secret lifestyle, but, like me, just watch the relevant movies so when you do get recruited by some agency, you'll be prepared to kick ass, here's a mix of songs to distract from the ennui of merely one life to live.

The Smiths -- "Frankly Mr. Shankly"

One of the best songs about being stuck in a job that's corroding your soul, it features Morrissey at his most sarcastic -- but only because he's scared of wasting his life away without making a mark on the world. My favorite part is when Morissey realizes his heartless boss writes beautiful poetry, too. It's short, but it packs a punch.

The Theme to "Mission Impossible" and/or "James Bond"

When I was little and wanted to sneak around, I would hum one of these songs. Even if I needed to be super-stealth, I would at least have it playing in my head. I swear, this is adorable rather than embarrassing behavior when you're seven. At any age, though, this song is the ne plus ultra for assuming a secret identity and prowling around unnoticed.

Blondie -- "Contact in Red Square"

James Bond movies were so much better when communism wasn't defunct. And so here's a song by Blondie -- that isn't "Call Me" -- about the land of secret identities and super-cool agencies, Mother Russia.

The Pixies -- "Where Is My Mind"

Having a secret identity can put quite the psychological strain on the brain. You're bound to go crazy, but, before you do, you might ask yourself the same question Frank Black did. Plus, it was in "Fight Club." Watch it, and you can learn a lot about secret lives ... like not to talk about them.

Belle & Sebastian -- "Your Cover's Blown"

No matter how smart you think you are, you're bound to slip up living a double life at some point. The success rate of secret lives is low. One of Belle & Sebastian's groovier tracks, and a long one at that, its musical gestures span eras from Link Wray rockabilly to mod to funk. It's cool enough to make getting caught seem alright. So come and live a little ... twice.