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The Dartmouth
May 23, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth


"Counting really depends on how you think about it. Like, if you believe that 2 + 2 is 5, then it is."

"Wow, dude."

  • Two teenage guys, Nugget Theater Lobby, mid-afternoon

"There's a fine line between dancing and crying, and I walk that line."

  • '06 male, The Red Barn

"I hate these f-ing angels. They're so gross - all hella fat and cherubic and sh*t."

  • Senior Female during Art History II visit to the Hood Museum

"I'm not comfortable confirming my other-woman status on the internet."

  • Girl, KDE parking lot

"You left while he was asleep? Way to hustle."

  • One girl to another, Hop Grill line

"Man, and with your girlfriend it's like you're taking six classes this term."

  • One guy to another, Homeplate brunch

"Who's Black in this class?"- Professor, Silsby 213, 12 hour

"Don't you mean Negro?"- Female Asian student

"I need to find someone to date this winter. It has to be an AD and I can't have hooked up with him already. Got any ideas."

  • Girl to guy, Courtyard Cafe, breakfast time. Guy proceeds to list seven names, girl replies "Nope, hooked up with him," to each suggestion.