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The Dartmouth
May 23, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth


Uggs are the footwear of choice for all those fashion-conscious (and let's be honest, even the not-so-fashion-conscious) students at Dartmouth as soon as the snow falls. However, one thing that I just cannot seem to understand is why this is the case. It is not like Uggs keep our feet dry in the snow. It is not like they even complement our outfits. They are down-right Uggs-ly. That was lame, but come on, there has to be some correlation between the similarity the name bears to the word ugly. I too am guilty of succumbing to this widespread epidemic, but every time I am trekking through the snow to return to my safe haven in E. Dub (that is gangsta for E. Wheelock for those of you not in the know), as the snow slowly and steadily begins to soak through my salt-stained Uggs, I vow to myself to never wear them again. Let us take some inspiration from these Uggs-less few who combine fashion with utility and put the rest of us Uggs-wearers to shame.