BbOne is Just a Convenience

by David Sampayo | 11/21/05 6:00am

To the Editor:

Concerning Michael Kreicher's editorial on Nov. 17 ("BbOne Tragedy"), I must offer a different opinion on the matter. While I understood the humorous connotations in his piece, I must admit that explaining the worst effect of BbOne's removal as the inability to convince's one's parents of a further need of money in his or her "mysterious Dartmouth Card account" is simply not the case for much of the campus population. I also have worked every summer since I turned fourteen. When I came to Dartmouth, I simply had to have a job working for the college during the school year. However, I do not do any negotiating with my family over money on my Dartmouth Card. Every cent of my DASH, BbOne Account (if I had one) and DBA overage charges come from my own paychecks, not from my parents'. Indeed, I am not alone in this condition, as many of my classmates are in similar, if not worse, situations, paying large portions of their own college bill.

While I hold no bitterness towards Kreicher or his editorial, I do feel the need to present the view that the loss of BbOne will be merely a loss of convenience, as opposed to the loss of a way to squeeze money from one's parents. I do concede the point that Hanover businesses might lose revenue from BbOne's removal, yet I feel that eventually debit cards will become the standard of payment for many Dartmouth students.

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