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March 4, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Fraternities give bids to sophomores

Dartmouth fraternities finished their third and final evening of rush Monday, with sophomores sinking bids in numbers comparable to last fall's.

This year marks the second year in recent memory that fraternities have held rush events during Fall term. Prior to last year, rush took place during the winter.

Although most Greek organizations reported numbers of pledges that were in line with recent years, Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity has 10 more pledges than last fall and Kappa Kappa Kappa fraternity has 14 more. Theta Delta Chi fraternity experienced a drop in pledges compared to last year, fraternity officials said.

At press time, Chi Heorot fraternity had 22 sophomores sink their bids; Alpha Delta fraternity, 25; Psi Upsilon, 24; Theta Delt, 18; Phi Delta Alpha fraternity, 20; Chi Gamma Epsilon fraternity, 17; Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, 31; Alpha Chi Alpha fraternity, 19; Tri-Kap, 34; Bones Gate fraternity, 23; and Sigma Nu fraternity, 14.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity's rush chair, John Wilson '07, declined to comment on the number of sophomores sinking bids at SAE this term but said the fraternity would not hold an emergency rush event Tuesday night to recruit more pledges.

"We are in no such 'emergency' situation," Wilson said.

Because many football players become members of Gamma Delta Chi fraternity, the fraternity did not hold rush this term and instead plans to hold rush during Winter and Spring terms.

"We are focusing on football and school this term," Gamma Delt President Nick Stork '06. "I think it's better for the pledges as well."

Theta Delt received 28 sunk bids last fall but only 18 this fall, according to Brad Heritage '06, the fraternity's president.

"We put a lot more thought and energy into selecting men of high character into our brotherhood," Heritage said. "As the story goes, while the rest play checkers, we play chess."

Four more students will join AD as pledges this fall, but the fraternity expects at least seven soccer players in the spring during the team's off season, AD President Griffin Gordon '06 said.

"I couldn't be happier with the outcome," Gordon said.

Fraternities handed out most of their bids over the weekend, while some used Monday night for callbacks.