Jennifer Garfinkel


The Mirror's seniors on the steps of Robinson Hall.


Things I Won't Miss About College

Tilman Dette / The Dartmouth Senior Staff Jennifer Garfinkel When our editor told us that the last Mirror spread of the year would be dedicated to the ruminations of our graduating contributors, she also told us that she wanted to avoid us all being overly sentimental.



Oh The Places You'll Go

Courtesy of Schenker The Schlitz Fund has enabled the wild adventures of many Dartmouth students, no matter their status (if any) in the DOC.


Booze and The Body: High and Dry

For many Dartmouth students, hangovers are no big deal. Your body reels, you curse yourself for drinking too much, but you grab a Billy Bob from the Hop and wait it out. But for other students at Dartmouth, even a minor hangover can be detrimental. For this reason, some Dartmouth athletes find heavy drinking and late-night partying taking a back seat to certain commitments: to their bodies, their performance and their teammates. The men's varsity heavyweight crew team has one of the more drastic alcohol policies on campus, which this year requires team members to forgo alcohol from the end of Winter Carnival until June.


Point and Counterpoint: Is Streaking Funny?

Explaining why streaking is funny is like explaining why people visit the leaning tower of Pisa. The answer is obvious and often taken for granted, but when you try to articulate it, there isn't much to say ("Um, because it's leaning...?"). But I have column inches to fill, so I'll do my best to defend the timeless art of streaking. I will start by clarifying that streaking is not "haha," laugh-out-loud funny.


To-Do: Senior Spring

Shirley Hu / The Dartmouth Staff On the wall of Room K in Chi Gamma Epsilon fraternity hangs a two feet by three feet piece of cardboard covered in marker.

Candidates for council positions run unopposed

Elections for the president and vice president of the 2008 Class Council will finish tonight in Thayer lobby, though only six students attended Tuesday night's election speeches -- two of whom are Class Council members. Ashley Mas '08, who has been involved with the Council since her freshman fall, is running for Class Council president, and Andrew Klein '08, who just started his work with the Council this summer, is running for vice president.

Chariot races drive Fieldstock

Onlookers flocked to the Green on Saturday for the revival of the College's chariot races, part of the first annual Fieldstock festival.

Fieldstock, chariots await town approval

The 2008 Class Council has planned Fieldstock, a College-approved day of chariot races around the Green and a barbecue at the Big Empty Meeting Area, for Saturday, Aug.


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