SA budget increases $10K for next year

by AnnMary Mathew | 5/11/05 5:00am

Student Assembly President Julia Hildreth '05 announced an Assembly budget of $90,000 for next year at the organization's weekly meeting on Tuesday.

"It's a significant increase from last year," Hildreth said. The Assembly's budget this year was $80,000.

Additionally, the Assembly discussed backing a seventh sorority and selling t-shirts for club sports. However, for the second meeting in a row, there were not enough Assembly members present to vote on either move.

Jenna Laffin '08 and Kristen Bulkowski '08, two of the three core members of the proposed seventh sorority, discussed the kind of support they want from the Assembly and gave a rough timeline they would like to follow in establishing the sorority.

The organization will need 15 committed core members in order to petition the College to establish a new Greek house, Laffin and Bulkowski said. They asked the Assembly to help them recruit freshmen and unaffiliated women, as well as help in deciding which national sorority would be a good fit for Dartmouth.

The pair said that Dean of the College James Larimore and College President James Wright have shown support for granting an exception to the moratorium. Laffin and Bulkowski said they would like to have colony status for the organization by next fall, to get the College to open up an area in a residence hall for the organization by the summer of 2006, before eventually establishing a physical plant.

The Assembly also discussed a proposal to allocate $800 to sell t-shirts for the benefit of club sports.