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Deadline for recruiting passes

Many sophomores edged closer to lucrative Wall Street jobs Monday night when the deadline for on-campus recruiting applications expired. For most firms, students had until July 5 to apply for interviews, allowing applicants to learn by July 12 if they will be continuing in the recruiting process.

Fewer students cause shorter hours

Despite the College's claims of year-round operation, students enrolled on campus this summer are adjusting to the harsh realities of a campus inhabited by a quarter of the Dartmouth community. Dartmouth Dining Services is among the most compromised campus services this term.


Lone Pine musicians perform for the love of their art

Most students come to Lone Pine Tavern for the food and the atmosphere. The musicians come for other reasons. Mats Lemberger '06 gained some fame this spring with the posters that he used in his Student Body President campaign.

SEC reveals Class Day speakers at Canoe Club

Class Day speakers and the Class of 2005 commencement participants were announced Wednesday over wine and a live band at the Canoe Club during '05 Night, an event hosted by the Senior Executive Committee.

SA budget increases $10K for next year

Student Assembly President Julia Hildreth '05 announced an Assembly budget of $90,000 for next year at the organization's weekly meeting on Tuesday. "It's a significant increase from last year," Hildreth said.

SA considers scholarship office reforms

Student Assembly tackled reformation of the Scholarship Office and the pending revision of the hot button "Good Samaritan" policy on Tuesday night, but could not vote on resolutions because too few members appeared at the meeting. David Hankins '05, Jim Baehr '05 and Julia Hecht '08 presented a proposal that will be sent to Dean of Faculty Carol Folt and Dean of the College James Larimore for the revision of the Scholarship Office.

Senior econ majors earn Round conference spots

Five of Dartmouth's senior economics majors ventured to Washington, D.C., over the weekend to participate in the Carroll Round economic conference on international economics at Georgetown University. Lidia Barabash, Kevin Goldstein, Nathan Saperia, James Liao and Michael Haase were selected to participate in the conference based on papers from their international economics class.

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