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February 27, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

A Bizarre Conclusion

To the Editor:

Even though I'm a conservative, I thought most of the responses of faculty members to allegations in the Oct. 31 article "Foundation rtidicules 'bizarre' Dartmouth classes" that their courses were "bizarre or ridiculous" were sensible. One should be skeptical of criticism of a course based on just its title and a brief description. Michael Bronski's reaction seemed a little over the top, however. He said, "It seems to be yet one more instance of response from the far right of the American conservative movement to attack the most traditional of academic freedoms." That's just crazy. The Young America's Foundation publication is a fair part of a discourse on what should be taught at American colleges. Academic freedom in no way implies freedom from criticism or even ridicule. I noticed that Professor Bronski was not shy about ridiculing his critics.