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May 21, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

In Support of the Symposium

To the Editor:

Upon reading " '03s curtail Sr. Symposium," (Oct. 22) I was disappointed. Contrary to the opinion of the class Vice President, John Robinson '03, I see nothing wrong with the goals of the Symposium being a bit lofty. Dartmouth is a leading institution in higher education. Should the students (and faculty, for that matter) deserve anything less than listening to the types of individuals chosen as role models and leaders in their respective fields? Is that too much to ask?

Too often, especially during my brief stay, the College has been awash in bad press. From the Zeta Psi scandal to racially ignorant fraternity events to a ninth-place ranking in a magazine that I pick up only once a year, the College has seen better days. The students of Dartmouth need some relief from all this nonsense. Listening and interacting with a leader of our day is exactly that.

It is a bit depressing to be an administrator overlooking this program and see it fade, but what does eliminating the Symposium accomplish? The article states that the Class Dean's office has encouraged the Symposium's removal. Where will the small amount of funding that was spent on the Symposium go? Perhaps we should spend it in making FUEL the Twilo "on the hill." Or better yet, why don't we just buy some more off-campus real estate?

On the contrary, the administration should be willing to revamp the program, perhaps provide more funding and emphasize its importance. Perhaps the leadership in the class should also recognize that the money required to bring a high-profile, recognized leader to the campus is worth the inspiration that may spread to a student or two. I went to see David Orr speak during my graduating year, and although I am not much of an environmentalist, his ability to lead is something from which we can all learn.