A Slippery Slope

by Christoher Bowen | 7/5/01 5:00am

To the Editor:

The College's recent decision to allow itself into CFS houses without any warning should be worrying to every student. If the College gains this power simply by threatening de-recognition of non-compliant houses, then it will be a very easy step for the College to demand entrance to every student's room, simply by threatening suspension or expulsion if permission is removed. Indeed, the College could even demand access to off-campus housing on the grounds that its officers need to ensure that all students are living in safe housing. Landlords who refused would have their buildings deemed unsuitable for students, and thus loose their primary source of revenue. While this argument may appear to be a slippery slope to opponents of the Greek system, these fears are not without merit, as this exact pattern has happened elsewhere. At Williams, while the administration assured the students that the loss of the Greek system 10 years ago would have no effect on unaffiliated students, campus police gained the right this year to enter any dorm room at any time for any reason. We Dartmouth students should protect our rights to ensure that our rights do not disappear as well.