Women's squash wins while men fall

by Erin Loback | 1/23/98 6:00am

The women's squash team came through with an 8-1 victory at Amherst yesterday, but the men were shut out 9-0. The women are now 7-1, while the men stand even at 3-3.

Laurie Sykes '99, who played at the number-one spot, was the only member of the Big Green women's team to lose yesterday. Her overall record is now 2-3.

Of the eight winning women, only Jenny Johnson '99 at number three needed to play more than three games for a victory.

Six Dartmouth men lost their matches 3-0. Although the team was shut out, three players needed tiebreakers to decide the match.

Two men, Jon Gabel '98 at number two and Colin Greenspon '00 at number eight, lost their matches in four games. They each lost their first two games, won the third one and dropped the fourth in a tiebreaker.

Stephen Holmberg '01 at number nine lost 2-3 after falling 15-11 in the final game.

The Big Green squash teams are up next at Vassar against Vassar and Trinity tomorrow morning. Their next conference games are against Princeton on Jan. 31.

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