Folk store reopens in new location

by Allison Robbins | 10/27/97 6:00am

Three months after being forced from its original location by a Hanover restaurant, the Folk store has re-opened in the building across the street, according to owner Ted Degener.

Degener said he likes the new spot at 6 Allen Street. "It has more visibility, more space, and it's brighter," he said.

After Folk's lease expired this past summer, Everything But Anchovies signed a lease and expanded into the space. It was unfair, according to Degener, because the Folk store had occupied the space for more than 20 years and had no intention of leaving.

Shortly before the old lease ran out, the owners of Folk were notified that the new location across the street had become available. Three or four weeks later they decided to take it.

Degener said that even though customers liked the "funky atmosphere" of the old location, the store will have more customers as a result of Folk's new, larger location.

Degener said some customers are not aware that the store has reopened, and that the two months Folk was closed due to the move interfered with business.

The store now has a five- to 10-year lease at the new location.

The Hanover Luggage and Cobbler Shop, the other Allen Street store forced to move due to its expired lease, has relocated to West Lebanon.